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Dodge Challenger Full Length Bodyline Stripes, Decals & Graphics
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Dodge Challenger Mid Bodyline Stripes - From $185.00 Per Pair

So you did it! You went and got yourself a new Dodge Challenger. Beautiful isn't it? Now, how about giving your new Dodge Challenger that custom edged look? You can achieve that edged customized look with a set of these Full Length Mid Bodyline Stripes, and you can achieve that look at a cost effective price, without compromise on quality. Our stripes are custom made to order for your Dodge Challenger, we do not get them off a shelf, when we say custom we mean it. These Dodge Challenger Stripes are custom designed to fit the new 2008 to Present Dodge Challenger perfectly, we guarantee it!

We will supply these Dodge Challenger Stripes either as a single stripe for each side of the vehicle (Some people find this easier when installing, guaranteed to line up on each panel), or we will supply them pre-cut for each panel. When pre-cut each section will be long enough to wrap around each panel slightly for that factory finished look. UNLIKE other stripes that you will find out there, that end about 1/4" from each end of the panel when fitted, these will look like a single continuous stripe, this is how they should look!!

You will see other greedy vendors elsewhere offering similar stripes at a greatly inflated price, claiming that paying extra is going to get you better fitting, higher quality stripes, We use the highest quality vinyl films, supplied by 3M, Avery, FDC, Oracal, to mention a few. The high quality vinyl films we use have an average durability rating of 9 years, and are the same films used by many auto manufacturers, in fact we supply numerous Chrysler, and Dodge Dealerships in the US and Canada, as well as installing at Dealerships locally.

These decals are easy to install, instructions are supplied and are also available here.

These designs are just a few suggestions, we will produce any decal design that you have in mind, these designs can also be mixed! Or have your custom text or logo included at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Just drop us a line!

Dodge Challenger Mid Bodyline Stripes - From $185.00 Per Pair

Choose your Style, and Color Below. Don't see what you want? Let us know what you do want!
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